Short Story of the Rape of India

India was an ordinary girl. Not any more. Sex is a benchmark that turns innocent girls into experienced women. Rape, its savage cousin from the wilderness believes in a more pragmatic approach. Do not submit yourself to protocol. Do not be carried away by fancy formalities such as flirting, proposing, loving and so on. You want fulfillment? Just do it!

Ex Wai happened to be full of lust. Instant gratification seemed a good idea. India was passing by, meek and beautiful. Ex Wai grabbed her, forced her down onto the rough, flinty road and Raped her mercilessly. He smothered her screams. Her tears and helplessness spurred him on.You are helpless. You are nothing.

People found India, stripped of clothing and bleeding by the roadside. Ambulance! Hospital! Press! Breaking news! My face is plastered on every TV screen throughout the country. It shines out like a beacon of despair from the front page of every humanity-starved newspaper. I can no longer walk around in public. Why bother with disguise.

Ex Wai was arrested. Ex Wai was paraded through courts and prisons. His face was covered with a mask while being brought to court. The police would not let the Republic touch him. His face was blurred when they broadcast the evening news on TV. To this day, no one knows who Ex Wai is. A few years later his sentence will be over. He will be a free man. A free man! Enjoying the breeze on his face, wading through the shallow stream of water that flows by India’s home. He waits to see if India will walk by again. Maybe her sister from another mother this time.

India had to pay a lot of money at the hospital. India had to pay a lot of money to keep the paparazzi quiet. They made a New Generation noir movie on India. They even had India’s look alike from Brazil do an item number in the movie. The movie received critical acclaim and was a hit at the box office. A book that chronicled the Top Ten Rapes of various Indias was released amidst much fanfare. A fatwa was declared on the writer of the book. Some people blogged about the Rape of India.

The End