Being her…being me..

The words end here. The rebel hasn’t left but she can stay behind the curtains. She could criticise, praise and play the blame game. She could be different just because she called herself a ‘rebel’. She dared to stay normal, maybe that’s what made her unusual. She was good at advising and rather bad at taking the same. Unabashedly unabashed of being scared, she was probably what no one wanted to be. She donned many roles, became many persons at the same time. The quiet one, the life of the party, the epitome of grace, the poster girl for clumsiness… there are still many more costumes to wear. Even more smiles to fake, hearts to break, people to disappoint and by-lanes to explore. She isn’t trying to be an idol. She is just herself. Don’t bother to respect or love or flatter her. Just let her be… and she will live on…

For now she travels alone. She takes another road. Some things left unfinished, some words left unsaid, some promises to keep. She tries hard to rein in another thought process and tame it into the world of words. For now she leaves with a wish to return… Insha Allah.