I asked the Traveler why he was never tired. He said he learned along the way to never regret taking the next step forward- for that was what a journey was all about. The last step was made, couldn’t be taken back, had stamped the Earth and imprinted itself deeply. But it egged him on to place the next foot forward, so he wouldn’t stop.

It had to go on till his feet refused to move, his knees bent and asked for rest. It was always the last step and the next, for him there was no ‘now’. He said we had to learn to let go of the surety of the last step…or rather, to just let go, onto the uncertainty of the future…


The Musician said he couldn’t keep hitting the same note over and over again simply because it resonated the most with itself. He would strike a different note, one that created discord and varied from the first one. this went on till he created a haunting melody out of all those notes that disagreed with each other.

He said people were the same. That no one was made for another, in perfect resonance. Instead, every person matched his or her wits in a relentless battle to finally create a symphony he called love; realizing along the way, not that they were identical and resonant, but that they could overcome and their dissonances and survive.